Richardson / Vipond / Clementson Australian connection.
John Victor Richardson born 1887 Lucknow Victoria at Nicholson in 1922 married Sarah Ann Liddell born 1896 in Bairnsdale. Jack's father Emerson Richardson (born Alston in 1853) married Elleanor (Ellen) Vipond (born Alston in 1860), the daughter of James Vipond and Mary Ann Bell, both natives of Alston. James Vipond's parents were John Vipond born Garrigill in 1801 and Elleanor Moffatt from Alston born 1800. John Vipond was the youngest son of Thomas Vipond born 1768 and Frances Emerson born 1775, both natives of Alston.

Sarah Elizabeth Vipond shown above, born Low House Garrigill in 1739, was actually an aunt of Frances Emerson, and the parish records indicate Sarah married William Clementson at Alston on 29 Dec 1766, ie. our Clementson connection. The Australian link is per William and Sarah's great grandson Matthew Clementson, as outlined in Generation 6, towards the bottom of this page.

Clementson Family Tree.


Family Crests for Clementson and Whitfield.

With all due respect to our numerous Clementson cousins, initial research indicated a very complex family tree structure, hence our usual policy of following family branch lines directly to those members, mainly Lead Ore Miners from northern U.K., who emigrated to the gold field diggings in Victoria, in the 1850s and 1860s.

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Marriage record of John Clementson and Mary Whitfield at Garrigill, in 1717. Courtesy

Going back as far as the late 1600s, it should be noted various official records have the Clementson family surname also listed as Clemmison, and Clementon, regarding our John Clementson, according to various researchers, who was born 1692 at Garrigill. Similarly, little is known of John Clementson's wife Mary Whitfield, apparently born at Brampton in 1697, with their marriage occurring at St Johns Church in Garrigill, on 6 June 1717.

Generational timeline from Matthew Clementson & Anne Armstrong back to John Clementon & Mary Whitfield.

Records indicate John and Mary Clementson had 3 children, being John Clementson, Isabell Clementson who married John Walton in Feb 1742 at St. Johns Garrigill, and William Clementson, their second son being born at Lee House in Garrigill in 1723, coincidentally being the same year and same place where their father John passed away. Our Richardson / Vipond / Clementson family connection stems from the descendants of John and Mary's eldest son John Clementson Junior, who married Sarah Shield, as outlined below here.

St John's church, Garrigill. Courtesy on Wikimedia.


Marriage record of John Clementson Jnr and Sarah Shield at Garrigill, in 1739. Courtesy

Records derived primarily from outline that John Clementson Junior was born in 1718, baptised on 6 Oct in 1718, and married Sarah Shield at Alston on 22 Dec 1739. To date, the only personal details located regarding Mary Shield, was she was born at Garrigill, also in 1718. John Clementson Junior and Sarah Shield nee Clementson had 5 sons, John Clementson #1 (died as infant), William Clementson, John Clementson #2, Joseph Clementson and Thomas Clementson, and 2 daughters Phebe Clementson and Ann Clementson, between 1741 and 1756.

Family overview of John Clementson Junior and Sarah Shield.

Their first 6 children were born at Garrigill, and youngest son Thomas, was born at Whitehaven in 1756 in Cumberland.


The second son John Clementson Jnr and Sarah shield was William Clementson, was baptised on 2 Aug 1742 at Garrigill, and at the age of 24 in Alston, this William Clementson married our Sarah Elizabeth Vipond, on 29 Dec 1766 at Alston. Sarah Elizabeth Vipond was our direct Richardson / Vipond ascendant linked to this Clementson family branch, whose Ancestry records show she was born at Garrigill in 1739.

Family timeline of William Clementson and Sarah Elizabeth Vipond.

For more information on our Vipond Family links,

From Nicholas Vipond born 1655 in Alston, U.K.

William and Sarah had 4 sons and 2 daughters between 1767 and 1786, being John Clementson, Joseph Clementson, Vipond Clementson, Hannah Clementson, Sarah Clementson, and lastly Jonathon Clementson.

Marriage record of William Clementson and Sarah Elizabeth Vipond at Alston, in 1766. Courtesy

Most of William & Sarah's children were born in Alston, and baptised at the Redwing Chapel (at Loanng Head) pictured.

A closer look at records indicate Jonathon Clementson was born at Lovelady Shield in 1786, about 2 miles from Alston, and his older brother Vipond Clementson died there much later in 1865, implying the residence was popular and long standing in the family.

High Lovelady Shield "Bastle", nearby or where a couple of the Clementson children were born. Courtesy


Joseph Clementson born early in 1771 at Alston, is our family connection. On 14 Dec 1793 at Alston, Joseph married Hannah Atkinson born 1766 in Alston, and they had 5 sons and 1 daughter in Alston, Garrigill, or Allendale.

A bit of old Allendale, photo taken in 1875. Courtesy

Joseph and Hannah's children were recorded as being William Clementson, John Clementson, Joseph Clementson, Mary Clementson, Thomas Clementson, Jonathon Clementson, Vipond Clementson, and Sarah Clementson. Joseph and Hannah both passed away at Ninebanks, Joseph died in 1838 aged 67, and Hannah passing in 1854 aged 88. Unfortunately we have found no Census records of 1841 or 1851 in this area, however is was often the case elderly parents, especially widowers moved away to be with younger family members in other counties.

Family listing for Joseph and Hannah Clementson. Courtesy

Christening record of Vipond Clementson at Redwing Chapel in Alston, in 1805. Courtesy

Below is a transcript of a personal letter to Vipond Clementson & wife Elizabeth Armstrong, from the Victorian gold fields.

For details and info on the people and places mentioned in this correspondence,

More details of letter to Vipond Clementson by James Armstrong in the 1863.


William Clementson was the first born son of Joseph Clementson and Hannah Atkinson at Alston in 1794. At the age of 21 years, he married Mary Martin from Ninebanks, aged 19, at St Cuthbert's Church in Allendale. Between the years of 1816 and 1834 they had 7 sons and 1 daughter, namely John Clementson, Joseph Clementson, Hannah Clementson, William Martin Clementson, John Clementson, Thomas Clementson, Vipond Clementson, and lastly Matthew Clementson.

St Cuthbert's Church Courtesy George Bell at Genuki.

The following 2 Census extracts are the first known official records of this Clementson branch being noted as Lead Ore miners. However as this occupation in this region was usually multi-generational, there is no way of verifying how far back in time, the Clementsons were involved in lead mining in northern U.K.. It appears the two eldest Clementson boys John and Joseph were Lead Ore Miners in the 1840s.

Part 1 of Census of 1841 showing the Clementson family structure at Wolf Cleugh after Mary Clementson nee Martin's husband William passed away in Oct of 1835.

Part 2 of Census of 1841 showing the rest of the Clementson family at Wolf Cleugh.

Kindly note, although unconfirmed, it is likely that Michael Clementson aged 3 shown here, was the Mary's nephew, son of Joseph Clementson and Mary Henderson from Allendale.

Map of West Allen High via Allendale, with Wolf Cleugh highlighted in green.


Christening record of Matthew Clementson at Redwing Chapel in Alston, in 1834. Courtesy

As it turned out, the lives of this Clementson family from Wolf Cleugh, and that of young Matthew Clementson in particular, were to change quite dramatically, as a result of the initial 1850s gold rush around Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria, on the other side of the world in Australia. Prior to his emigration, Matthew Clementson married Anne Armstrong from Ninebanks, the event being registered at Hexham in Apr of 1860, and they had 2 daughters in Allendale, Elizabeth in 1860 and Emma in 1862. These four Clementson members came to Victoria on board the S.S. Great Britain in 1863, along with numerous other Clementson and Armstrong relatives on the same voyage. A summary of the Clementson members follows on this page below, and an overview the Armstrong family arrivals to Victoria in 1863 and 1884 are on our Armstrong Family Tree page, linked here.

Anne Armstrong's related emigrants and earlier ancestors,

from John Armstrong born in 1705, Haltwhistle U.K.

It has taken quite some research to ascertain the following Clementson family members, whom emigrated so long ago on the S.S. Great Britain, as indicated on the following 2 Passenger List images.

The first of two Clementson arrival parties on board the SS Great Britain in 1863.

The second of two Clementson arrival parties on board the SS Great Britain in 1863.

Summary of Matthew and Anne Clementson's relations, who arrived in Melbourne Victoria 1863.

Matthew Clementson (Labourer) Age 28 - son of William Clementson born 1794 and Mary Martin born 1797 Ninebanks, as pictured below.

Anne Clementson nee Armstrong (Wife) Age 21 - Daughter of John Harrison and Mary Armstrong from Ninebanks, as pictured below.

Elizabeth Clementson (daughter of Matthew and Anne) Age 2, as pictured below.
It appears Elizabeth Clementson, known as Lizzie, was a Pupil Teacher at the Piggoreet School in 1878, per the Education Department record shown here.

Elizabeth Clementson, Pupil Teacher at Piggoreet school aged 17. Courtesy Government Gazette
- Education report end of financial year of 1878.

Death notice of Lizzie Clementson in Melbourne in 1946.

Emma Clementson (daughter of Matthew and Anne) Age 1, as pictured below.
Sadly, the only reference found to date regarding Emma Clementson is of her death at Piggoreet in 1902.

Death record of Emma Clementson in 1902.

Searching of Victorian records indicates both Elizabeth ( Lizzie ) and Emma never married or had children. On the other hand, Lizzie and Emma had 3 Australian born siblings, Tom Clementson born at Springdallah in 1866, Mary Clementson born Springdallah in 1869 ( pictured below ), and John Clementson, known as Jack, ( pictured below ), also born at Springdallah in 1875.

William Clementson Age 28 (Labourer) - cousin of Matthew Clementson, son of Joseph Clementson born 1798 and Elizabeth Pickering born 1798 of Allendale. To save any confusion about the two young "Wm Clementson" men who emigrated on the same voyage in 1863, from much deliberation, and family advice the other William Alfred Clementson ( listed below aged 21 years ) was known as Alf, then it is highly likely this William Clementson was the one referred to in the letter to Vipond Clementson from James Armstrong below, as "Willie Clementson".

Shares probably held by William "Willie" Clementson in the Miners Right Gold Mine at Springdallah in Oct 1863.

William Alfred Clementson Age 21 (Labourer) - cousin of Matthew Clementson, born 1834 Allendale, son of William Clementson born 1808 of Garrigill and Elizabeth Fawcett born 1811 of Alston. Clementson Family recollection from a descendant in Melbourne advised this William Clementson was usually called "Alf" by family, which probably saved confusion in his childhood days growing up, as his father was also William Clementson. It is believed Alf married and lady named Maud and had 2 children in Whitehaven Northumberland UK, and spent some time after his arrival on the gold fields south of Ballarat.

Portrait of William Alfred "Alf" Clementson.

Records show Alf then married Ascienth Gay in 1877 and had 2 sons at Chiltern Victoria, and another 2 sons in Melbourne. Alf remarried yet again Margaret Ann Shannon, and had another 4 daughters and 3 sons, all at Chippendale in Sydney, New South Wales, between 1882 and 1896.

Joseph Clementson Age 23 (Labourer) brother of William Alfred Clementson above here, born 1839 in Alston, son of William Clementson born 1808 of Garrigill and Elizabeth Fawcett born 1811 of Alston. No further records or references have been confirmed regarding this Joseph Clementson in Victoria. From U.K. Census and Death records, it appears Joseph may have returned to northern England prior to 1871, until he passed away at Haltwhistle in 1906.

Michael Clementson Age 25 (Labourer) - cousin of Matthew Clementson, son of Joseph Clementson born 1808 of Allendale UK and mother Mary Henderson born in 1822. Records indicate Michael Clementson married Honora Richardson ( Nora ) born in 1836 in Kilkenny Ireland, in Victoria in 1879, and they first had a daughter, then 3 sons at Springdallah between 1866 and 1873.

Timeline of family of Michael Clementson and Honora ( Nora ) Richardson in Victoria.

Life on the Victorian gold diggings for Matthew and Anne Clementson nee Armstrong.

The Clementson house at the top end of Piggoreet township, was apparently known and regarded as "Clementsons Corner". Courtesy the late Joan Higgs & Woady Yalloak Historical Society.

NB. Looking at the ages of the children in the above photo, (Jack looks well into his teens), and the stature of Matthew Clementson (he lost his sight at the Galatea Gold Mine in 1869) this photo would probably have been taken somewhere around the early to mid 1890s. Eldest son Tom, not shown in this photo married Isabell Thomson in 1893, and they had 5 children in the suburbs of Melbourne. Jack Clementson, with the horse, married Margaret Ormiston, had a son at Ballarat, and two more children, also in Melbourne.

Timeline of family of Matthew Clementson and Anne Armstrong. Courtesy

Like most "Diggers" who came to Australia with only a suitcase of belongings and whatever cash they had saved, they hurried to the most lucrative gold bearing areas, according to whatever news they had from family on the gold fields, and dug like they had the fever. In the 6 years since Matthew arrived at Piggoreet, not far from Ballarat, until he was blinded at the Galatea Mine at Newtown, about 3 miles from home, he must have been reasonably successful, and worked and saved hard too.

Mining Accident report for Matthew Clementson in 1869. Courtesy

The Galatea Gold Mine was originally known as the Scarsdale Extended Company, purchased from a Mr Browne in 1861. Not only did Matthew own the house block, he also owned two almost adjacent blocks of land, next door to his distant relations, John and Jane Liddell and their Try Again Hotel.

A summary of selected exerpts from the Victorian Heritage database report on the Galatea / Scaredale Extended Gold Mine, where Matthew Clementson worked, is as follows -

1861: Mr. Browne sold part of his land to the Scarsdale Extended Company, which was later known as the Galatea Mine. 10.1861: brought 960 acres for 10,000 pounds and sold to the New Company for 27,000 pounds on terms of 10,000 pounds down, 10,000 pounds in 5 years out of gold and 7500 pounds worth of shares.
24.04.1863: the Scarsdale Great Extended Company, Scarsdale, on private property paid 1340 to Ormiston, Law and Furnie to erect a 20 inch engine and a 23.5 inch engine, three boilers 20 by 6.5 feet, a 60 foot brick chimney; the 300 feet of 13 inch pipe purchased from the National Co. was manufactured by Hunt and Opie of the Victoria Foundry at Ballarat.
09.1864: opened out at a depth of 284 feet. 09.1864: opened out at a depth of 284 feet.
06.1865: several hundred feet away from the shaft and still driving for the gutter.
12.1866: idle; water from this claim has forced operations to cease in the Golden Lake, Golden Horn and the Atlas.

Forfeiture of Galatea Gold Mining shares in 1868.

15.01.1867: capital exhausted; pumping suspended about 14 weeks ago.

Forfeiture of Galatea Gold Mining shares in 1868

12.1868: yield for the quarter 320 ozs 17 dwt 7 gr.
03.1869: yield for the quarter 842 ozs 1 dwt 2 gr. ( This mine was yielding very well the year Matthew was blinded ).
12.1869: yield for the quarter 1751 ozs 8 dwt.
1872: average weekly yield for the year was 85 ozs.
10.1868 to 09.1873: recorded production of 26,170 ozs 17 dwt 19 gr (or 814.025 kg).
1873:the mine started to fail during this year and was purchased by Armstrong and Party for 2,700; blocks were let on tribute, but they gave poor returns to the tributers.

Like many Gold Mines of this district and era, they were subject to major flooding according to the seasons, river heights, and activities of neighbouring Mine shafts. It seems Matthew Clementson at least exercised common sense and invested wisely in land at Piggoreet, when times and his income were good.

3 blocks of land owned by Mathew Clementson at the top end of town, next to John and Jane Liddell's Try Again hotel.
Piggoreet Parish map of the 1860s.

To provide a more detailed visual impression of this part of Piggoreet / Devils Kitchen, an inset of the Plan of neighbouring Liddell property, indicating a small chapel next to the Clementson's land, and also the Archer Gold Mine Shaft, and old time photo of Piggoreet, and a recent photo of the same location.

Liddell's Plan courtesy Victorian Public Records Office and Joan Hunt.

The Try Again Hotel was named after the Try Again Gold mine, a major gold mining family interest, located at the bottom end of the township, as extensively outlined here.

Site of The Try Again Hotel and Archer Mine at Piggoreet in 2015 - Courtesy Researcher Mixo Sydenham.

The mullock heap in front of the trees in the above photo is all that remains of the old Archer Mine Shaft, and John and Jane Liddell's Hotel was on the hilltop to the left of the Archer Mine. The chapel was around the left edge of this frame, and Clementsons Corner further to the left just out of this shot.

Now that readers should be familiar with the immediate locality, a snippet of life on these gold fields can be portrayed by two means, from two sources. Firstly with thanks to Roger Morris, a Winston Churchill Fellow from the Pennines in Northern England, some quotes from a family letter from Anne Clementson nee Armstrong, which imply a not-so-favourable impression of activities in the local Hotel next door.

As it happened, probably by more than mere coincidence, ex-neighbouring Lead Ore miners from Northumberland, from the same electoral district 14 in Allendale, Matthew and Anne Clementson (nee Armstrong) ended up again becoming neighbours with John Liddell at Piggoreet in the late 1850s. Extracts from letters by a very religious and opinionated Anne Clementson have her writing -

". . . it is only people that have nothen to do except going to a Hotel to get a nobler wee have some married women in the kitchen (Devil's Kitchen) who care no more about going to a public house with another womans husband and drinking with him than you do of going to a (Methodist) meeting at home with your husband."

Anne later notes
". . . the chemist from Allendale Town came down with him (John Tingate). But I never saw him as he spent a vast amount of his time at Liddle's drinking and gambling and I never go there and so I did not see him."

Secondly, it is a privilege to reproduce transcripts of a great letter from James Armstrong (Anne Clementson's older brother) written on 20 Oct 1863 at Springdallah Victoria, to their sister Elizabeth Armstrong and her husband Vipond Clementson, back in Alston in Cumberland, courtesy Armstrong descendants at Anderson Family History, a very interesting read indeed. Numerous characters in this letter are distant relatives or neighbours from England, we have endeavoured to outline in the Armstrong Family Tree page in this site.

Death notices of Matthew and Anne Clementson, died 1899 and 1926 respectively.

Our Matthew died aged 65 at Piggoreet and Anne died there also, aged about 85. For more personal information about Anne Clementson nee Armstrong, kindly click on the Armstrong family tree link below.

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Background into Lead Ore Mining in Northern U.K.

Background into the Gold Rush days near Ballarat Victoria.

From Joseph Richardson born 1721 at Alston, U.K.

From John Armstrong born in 1705, Haltwhistle U.K.

From William Calvert born 1791 at Kirkhaugh, U.K.

From John Clementson born 1692 in Garrigill, U.K.

From William Coulson born 1760 in Cumberland, U.K.

From Robert Cochrane born 1778 in Eglington, U.K.

From Thomas Bell born 1806 of Allendale, U.K.

From Edward Hewitson born 1794 in Kirk Linton, U.K.

From James Broadwood born 1796 of Northumberland, U.K.

From Joseph Parker born 1810 at Allendale, U.K.

From Nicholas Vipond born 1655 in Alston, U.K.

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