From James Broadwood born 1796 of Northumberland, U.K.

Broadwood Family Tree

Richardson / Liddell / Calvert / Broadwood family connection. John Victor Richardson (Jack) born 1887 Lucknow Victoria, at Nicholson in 1922 married Sarah Ann Liddell (Annie) born 1896 in Bairnsdale. Annie's father was William Coulson Calvert Liddell, born in 1875 at Scarsdale near Ballarat, to Joseph Liddell and Mary Calvert. Mary Calvert's older sister was Sarah Calvert who married Thomas Broadwood.


Family Crests for Broadwood and Henderson.

Timeline for James Broadwood and Frances Esther Henderson at Allendale from 1794.


Their first child Elizabeth is noted as being born at Newcastle (possibly Upon Tyne) and the remaining 5 children were natives of Allendale, where many other Richardson family branches were also from.

Elizabeth Broadwood born Newcastle in 1823.
Mary Broadwood born Allendale in 1826.
Francis Broadwood born in Allendale in 1829.
Thomas Broadwood born in Allendale in 1831.
Sarah Broadwood in Allendale in 1833.
Hannah Broadwood born in Allendale in 1838.

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Census and travel records indicate the only son Thomas Broadwood (and of course his wife Sarah Calvert) emigrated to Victoria, Australia, so our focus is upon their travels and lives firstly near the Ballarat Gold Fields.


Census Record of 1841 for the family of William Calvert and Eleanor Allison (Ellen) at Leadgate via Allendale and Thomas Broadwood's eventual wife Sarah Calvert at the age of 8 years old.

Census Record of 1851 of Thomas Broadwood, Lead Ore Miner, living with his mother and sister.

The next record located regarding this couple is that of a two and a half acre farm, Thomas Broadwood's mother ran after his father James Broadwood died, was known on the census record as "High Blue Row", in district 13 of Allendale and West Allen high. Thomas Broadwood is noted as a Lead Miner at the age of 20, and only his 18 year old sister Sarah is still living at home, working as the "house servant". Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a record available about Sarah Calvert on the system in 1851, but Thomas and Sarah's marriage registration of 1857 was found in the Hexham records.

Original records of the marriage between Thomas Broadwood and Sarah Calvert listed at Hexham late in 1857.

Probably a major influence upon the decision by Thomas and Sarah Broadwood to emigrate to Victoria in Australia, was when Sarah's youngest brother John Russell Calvert decided to return from Australia in 1858, to pick up his wife Jane Couslon and 5 year old son William Coulson Calvert. It appears he convinced other family members of the huge potential from his own personal success Gold Mining near Ballarat, as Jane's two brothers Joseph Coulson and Hugh Coulson, also decided to book their passage to Victoria on the same voyage on the steam clipper, the Royal Charter.

Promotional advert for the Royal Charter steam clipper.

Emigration record of Thomas and Sarah Broadwood, along with John Russell Calvert, his wife Jane Calvert nee Coulson and their only son William Coulson Calvert, plus Jane's older brothers Joseph and Hugh Coulson, all on board together on board the Royal Charter in 1858.

The Royal Charter was a fast and modern Steam Clipper, boasting travel time to Australia from Liverpool in under 40 days. After his arrival it appears like most other relatives on the gold fields, Thomas Broadwood was well informed of good investments, and joined in with a variety the Calvert, Coulson, Bell, and Liddell family members, buying shares in the Try Again Gold Mining Company at Devils Kitchen / Piggoreet, the Shenandoah Gold Mining Company at Linton, Golden Steam Gold Mining Company at Scarsdale, and the very successful Nelson and Wellington at Sebastopol.

Map of Gold Fields south west of Ballarat, where the Broadwood, Coulson, Calvert, Hewitson, and Liddell guys worked.

Scarsdale Post Office in 1880 - courtesy State Library Victoria.

Obviously Thomas and Sarah liked the region, and its prospects, as their four children were all born in the area from 1859 - 1869, Frances Eleanor Broadwood at Smythesdale, Sarah Elizabeth Broadwood and James William Wentworth Broadwood at Scarsdale, and the youngest, John Thomas Broadwood at Springdallah. Thomas began his interetsts in Gold Mining with a very positive start, buying shares in what turned out to be the quite successful Try Again Gold Mine, joining other family members, William Calvert, John Hewitson, and John Liddell.

A classic photo of the Try Again Gold Mine circa 1860, courtesy Victorian Public Records Office and Joan Hunt.

The Try Again Gold Mine at Piggoreet in 1861 - Courtesy State Library of Victoria.

For extensive details about the families investments and interests in, plus the historical records of operations of the Try Again Gold Mine at Devils Kitchen / Piggoreet,
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Other local Gold Mining shares and interests of Thomas Broadwood follow -

Atlas Gold Mining Shares of 1862 held by Thomas Broadwood, William Calvert and William Bell, Thomas Broadwoods brother-in-law. It's worth noting too, that fellow digger Thomas Hewitt, must have been a close friend of William Calvert and Thomas Broadwood, as he also appears as executor of William Calvert Will and Testament, shown further below.

Thomas Broadwood noted as a Gold Mine Auditor at the Shenandoah Company at Linton in 1865.

Promotional poster (inset) for Nelson and Wellington Gold Mining Company of 1864 - one of Thomas Broadwood's investments.

Shares in the Nelson & Wellington Gold Mining Company of Thomas Broadwood, William and John Russell Calvert in 1867.

We can confidently assume Thomas Broadwood did well financially with his Gold Mining ventures, work, and investments - the above Shareholders list is the last known record of Thomas being involved in mining. It's not certain when he bought land and became a farmer on the edge of Scarsdale, but he did own a small block there, where he appeared happy to live out most of his working life.

Parish Map showing southern outskirts of Scarsdale - The small Broadwood farm highlighted in light green.

As Newtown was where Thomas died aged 68, about one mile south of Scarsdale, it is likely that Thomas passed away on or near the family farm.

Death record of Thomas Broadwood at Newtown in 1898.

Notification of William Calvert's Last Will and Testament.

Its obvious William Calvert was very close to his brother-in-law Thomas Broadwood, and their mining buddy Thomas Hewitt, as they were both outlined in this nomination of Co-Executors of William's Last Will and Testament, in 1896.

1903 Census for Sarah Broadwood and her 3 surviving children living with her, not long after Thomas died in 1898.

Frances Eleanor remained a spinster all her life, and died in Ararat in 1918. Sadly Thomas and Sarah's second daughter Sarah Elizabeth passed away in 1864 aged about 6 months. Two sons James William Wentworth and John Thomas followed in their fathers footsteps, working their lives as miners near their hometown of Scarsdale at Smythesdale until their deaths, both remaining bachelors until they both pass away at Ballarat.

Death record from of Sarah Broadwood nee Calvert of 1905.

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Background into the Gold Rush days near Ballarat Victoria.

From Joseph Richardson born 1721 at Alston, U.K.

From John Armstrong born in 1705, Haltwhistle U.K.

From Thomas Bell born 1806 of Allendale, U.K.

From James Broadwood born 1796 of Northumberland, U.K.

From William Calvert born 1791 at Kirkhaugh, U.K.

From John Clementson born 1692 in Garrigill, U.K.

From Robert Cochrane born 1778 in Eglington, U.K.

From William Coulson born 1760 in Cumberland, U.K.

From Edward Hewitson born 1794 in Kirk Linton, U.K.

From John Liddell born circa 1780 in Ninebanks, U.K.

From Joseph Parker born 1810 at Allendale, U.K.

From Nicholas Vipond born 1655 in Alston, U.K.

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